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Greg Atkin


Over the years the collective efforts and talent of so many musicians, music dealers, education institutions and guitar music lovers have joined to created strong alliances with the Association of Fingerstyle Guitarists. These relationships are mutually beneficial and serve to strengthen both the sponsoring organizations and individual members in many artistic ways.

By way of example, local southern California music dealers, such as, The Fret House in Covina and Moe’s Fullerton Music support AFG by providing a venue for concerts, teaching seminars and “open mic” shows. Music stores also support AFG by purchasing ad space in this newsletter and store guitar teachers have also donated their talent on occasion by teaching a music related seminar to AFG members.

I would like to focus here on the “Open Mic” opportunity in the community. The “Open Mic” show is a powerful event that helps to develop steady growth in performance skill for each musician. In other words, the Open Mic offers a unique and singular benefit in performance growth for the AFG members who participate.

SIDE BAR: Of course, I do have some performance anxiety when I play before others. That is why our AFG founder, J.D. Roberts, calls performing “being in the hot seat”.

Personally, I am not a professional performer. However, I do enjoy creating original guitar arrangements that feature both my SharkTooth Crossover Pick functionality, as well as, new playing techniques that I have learned by attending the many concerts & educational events. It is so true that each one of us is unique and this fact is the source of the rich musical diversity that we enjoy today. Of course, I do have some performance anxiety when I play before others. That is why our AFG founder, J.D. Roberts, calls performing “being in the hot seat”. I encourage anyone with the creative bug to sign up and play at any one of the open mic shows around southern California. Your confidence as a performer will grow by each outing.

Here are a few open mic and other performance opportunities available to our AFG members. There are many more open mic events scattered around in both LA and Orange counties (Google - Los Angeles open mic guitar of Orange County open mic guitar).

1)     The Fret House open mic is held on the first Saturday of each month. The Fret House boasts of being the oldest continuous open mic show in southern California. AFG members get special early sign up privileges after our regular event (
2)     CSUF Grand Central Art Center in Santa Ana. This is an opportunity to perform as special entertainment during the monthly art walk event held at the art center gallery. Contact Dennis Cubbage (
3)     House of Blues in Anaheim (
4)     Association of Fingerstyle Guitarists (

In closing, I hope to see and hear more of our AFG members coming out for the open mic performance opportunity at our events and elsewhere throughout the year.

 Happy Picking,

 Greg M. Atkin

AFG President

IMPORTANT NOTE – The annual two day AFG Festival will be held on January 10th & 11th, 2009. I hope to see
you all there!

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