AFG Music Director
David Oakes

Saying that David Oakes is a guitarist is like saying an F-16 figher jet is an airplane; David's talent and technical proficiency distinguish him from those of us, like me, who play recreationally. He plays every musical style that I can think of - traditional Chet Atkins/Merle Travis fingerstyle, modern Laurence Juber/Martin Taylor fingerstyle, bluegrass, blues, classical, rock, jazz - brilliantly!

As the Music Director for the AFG, David's contributions lay primarily in conducting teaching seminars and finding the appropriate people to conduct seminars. David is a Professor of Guitar at the University of Southern California and is a faculty member at the Musician's Institute in Hollywood.

AFG members always look forward to David's teaching seminars because he strives to present different styles of guitar playing, thereby increasing everybody's knowledge and love of playing guitar. His ability to communicate makes him an exceptional teacher; anyone attending an AFG seminar will leave a better player than they were before the seminar.

I am the first one to say that joining AFG and attending our teaching seminars are, without a doubt, the best and most enjoyable way to become a better guitarist. Where else can you have a USC Professor of Guitar and faculty member at the Musicians Institute conduct an all-day guitar seminar for the nominal charge that AFG sets?

David genuinely enjoys seeing his fellow guitarists develop their musical skills. Please join us at our next seminar and see for yourself how enjoyable a day of guitar playing can be. If David doesn't make you a better guitarist, you will be the first!

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