Next Meeting 12:00 noon, October 4, 2014, featuring Master Jazz Guitarist Ron Eschete

Location: the Fret House, 309 North Citrus Ave. Covina, CA
Bring Your Guitar! Public Welcome! Only $15 for the full day
12:00 noon gathering; 1:00 program starts; 3:00-4:30 open mic
We learn from each other at AFG and we have open mic opportunities at every event.

above Ron Eschete

Previous Meeting on June 21, 2014 at the Fret House

AFG Music director Donovan Raitt taught us the popular Chet Atkin's fingerstyle tune "Windy & Warm." Donovan also be performed a few of his progressive fingerstyle guitar compositions taken from his newly released CD "Pursuing the Horizon"

Previous AFG Meeting March 29, 2014 - Antoine Dufour at Fullerton Music

Antoine Dufour has emerged as a young star of fingerstyle acoustic guitar, building a worldwide reputation for innovation and creativity. Antoine has toured across Canada and the UK and toured several times in USA with other artists such as Don Ross and Andy McKee. In addition, Antoine has performed at major festivals such as The Montreal International Jazz Festival. Antoine won the first place at the Canadian Fingerstyle Guitar Championships, placed third at the internatonal fingerpicking championships at Winfield (USA), has held seminars, workshops and masterclasses as part of his tour schedule.

"Dufour has subtle and effortless way of transitioning his compositions in just a few short seconds from energetic and uplifting to a soulful warm nostalgia. While melodic and accessible to any listener, his music is at the same time extremely complex both texturally and harmonically. Dufour is clearly a musician who deeply understands the nature of the guitar.” © Timothy Smith Minor 7th webzine

Click here for Antoine's website

AFG Honors longtime AFG member, luthier Richard C. "R.C." Allen - February 28, 1934 - March 2, 2014.

"R.C. Allen, the man who makes and displays those big beautiful blond guitars at every AFG Pickin' Party and Convention, is really an interesting character and has lots of good stories to tell about musicians like Merle Travis, Joe Maphis, Jimmy Bryant, Chet Atkins and the list goes on an on . . . . He has a vast knowledge about the creation of some of the first guitar companies in Southern California and their evolution into today's markets . . . . "I was born in Alhambra [California] and raised here graduating from El Monte High School . . . . There was a guitar shop across from the school run by John Doypera, the inventor of the dobro guitar, and I hung out there absorbing all I could about the making of instruments, and so I made my fist guitar while in high school. There was this fellow named Paul Bigsby that had a shop in Downey, and I hung out there a lot, too. After graduating I worked at a paper wharehouse for sixteen years, and at two musical wholesale places setting up and repairing guitars, and eventually opened my own shop in 1967. I probably worked on and set up something like 20,000 guitars in those years."
more. . . . Click here for full article interview by Freddie House for AFG Sound Hole Magazine 2007

Previous AFG Meeting Oct. 13, 2013-Concert and Jams

Performers at AFG 10-13-13 event

Sunday, October 13th, 2013 12:00 noon to 5:00pm Museum of Music Making (NAMM Facility) 5790 Armada Drive, Carlsbad, CA 92008. Donation: $15 for the full day.

AFG hosted a fun filled educational and entertaining afternoon! We gathered at noon and hosted an open mic guitar circle beginning at 1:00pm for Beginners to Masters. Special guests included AFG members (pictured) Ric Ickard and his 12 year old protege, Sam Victoria and Jeff Linsky, who sat in with Ric and our featured guests, Tim and Myles. Guitar wah-wah pedal inventor and guitarist Del Casher also visited with Tim and the rest of the afg gang. At 3:00 the AFG Main Event concert featured Tim and Myles Thompson. Tim is a National Fingerstyle Guitar Champion and his son Myles is a virtuoso violin player. Bonus: the Museum of Music Making was open for free tours from 11:00am to 5:00pm.

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